Indoor Hockey

Cambridge City aims to offer indoor opportunities for all our age groups from U10 to U18. More information about training and competition dates will be available closer to the start of the season. To make it fair, partcipation in indoor hockey does carry an extra cost, as not every player in each age is able to partcipate.

What is Indoor Hockey

Indoor hockey is a fast, skilful and action-packed version of the outdoor game. Played on a hard, smooth, and flat surface, the aim is still to score more than your opponents. However, a few changes make the sport more suitable for playing indoors:

  • The playing pitch is smaller than the outdoor pitch.
  • Side-boards mark the sidelines helping to keep the ball in play.
  • The goals are smaller than in outdoor field hockey.
  • A team consists of 5 field players and 1 goalkeeper on the pitch, with a maximum of 10-12 players on a team.
  • The players may not hit the ball, but only push it or deflect it, and may not raise the ball except in the shooting circle, with the purpose of scoring a goal.
  • Players typically play with a lighter, quicker stick specially made for indoor use.

Competitions We Enter

Junior Club Super 6s

  • U16 & U18 Boys/Girls
  • The Super 6s consist of a County Round, Area Finals and National Finals, with the winner of each going to the next round. Last year, the County Round did not happen and we went straight to the Area Round for all teams.
  • Dates of the Area Rounds End November / Early December - TBC. Will be a Sunday at Queenswood School, Hertfordshire.

National Finals were in Nottingham last year and are on:

  • Saturday 13th January- U16 Girls and Boys
  • Sunday 14th January -U18 Girls and Boys

Indoor Hockey UK Championships

  • U10-U18 Boys/Girls

Indoor Hockey UK run a series of national indoor competitions - including the K2 Arena Championship (held between Xmas & New Year) and Derby Grand Slam (held in June half term) - for U10, U12, U14, U16 & U18 age groups.

K2 Arena December 2023 (team entry confirmed)

  • U10s - Wednesday 27th December 2023
  • U12s - Thursday 28th December 2023
  • U14s - Friday 29th December 2023
  • U16s - Saturday 30th December 2023
  • U18 Girls - Thursday 28th December 2023
  • U18 Boys - Friday 29th December 2023

Please see your age group page for more information about indoor training and competition dates for your age group.

Indoor Hockey Costs

There is a cost associated with Indoor Training and Entry. Costs for this year are to be finalised but will be of the same order as last year (listed below) depending on hall hire costs:

  • Indicative costs training cost £7.50 per hour.
  • Super 6s Area Qualifier £17.50 per player. The final will be covered by the club. 
  • IndoorHockeyUK - c. £25-30 per player

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